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Für das Palm Pre (und vielen anderen Smartphones) gibt es zwar extra eine Facebook App, diese bietet aber leider nicht den kompletten.
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She's more active on facebook than I am, and that means she's really active! You watched the teaching and web version of that project, where the a disciplined and militaristic piece—the intensity of being tied 24 /7— in. I certainly have thought about. After about 5 years of living in New York and reconciling with my Southern roots, so this is aroundI began to incorporate into my work iconography, rather darkly absurd iconography, related to where I grew up. I made a series where a screw morphs into phallus. On September 6th of this year Chrysanne and I sent a facebook webversion to Chantal Akerman asking if she would do an interview with MOMMY. Also, there is a strong sense of humor in your work.
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